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Using our detailed size information below you can decide which size storage unit is best for your needs.

Will Fit: Contents of a Studio Apartment

(150 square feet or less)

10 X 10 and 15
10by10 straight

10ft X 10ft   $75/mo

-100 square foot
-Like an average bedroom
-This size will fit contents of average 1 bedroom apartment

10 X 15 straight

10ft X 15ft  $85/mo

-150 square foot
-Like a small 1 car garage
-This size will fit contents of large apartment or 2 bedroom house

Will Fit: Contents of 2-4 Bedroom House

(200 - 300 Square Feet)

10 X 20 and 30
10 X 20 straight

10ft X 20ft  $95/mo

-200 square foot
-Like a standard 1 car garage
-This size will fit contents of a 2 or 3 bedroom house or a full garage

10by30 pull through

10ft X 30ft  $125/mo

-300 square foot
-Like a two car garage
-This size will fit contents of 4 to 5 bedroom house or a 40 ft moving truck

Will Fit: Contents of 4 or more bedroom house

(More than 300 square feet)

12 X 30
12 X 30 angled

12ft X 30ft  $150/mo

-360 square foot
-Like an over sized 2 car garage
-This size will fit contents of 5 bedroom house

RV / Boat Indoor Storage


Climate Controlled
14ft X 50ft  $400/mo

-12' X 14' door opening
-Vehicle and boat storage only
-1 year lease required
-electric hookup available
-Keypad entry
-Heated Facility
-14' X 50' Garage Bays

-Partition Walls, Concrete Floors

*Call to check vacancies, availability limited


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